Monday, September 3, 2012

Classroom Chair & Door Makeover

I wanted to participate in the September Monday Made it... Haven't since almost the very beginning.

So, the first thing that I wanted to work on was my chair.  One of my precious darlings last year had messed with all of the controls to where the chair wouldn't go up, down, or anywhere really.  The fabric was also itchy and a bit icky if I looked at it for too long.  I went to Walmart and bought the first fabric that called out to me.  2 hours, my staple gun, and my mail opener later- this was my end result.  It is so soft now- I love to sit in it (when I can, which is normally for just a few minutes while I eat my yogurt when I get to school.

Now my door was a whole different story... this door and I wrestled for hours.  I kept sending my sis in law pics and she was giving me advice.  I ended up putting more of the border around the door handle and door stopper... will post pics when I post my classroom pictures next week.  Sorry it is a little blurry!

I have stalked Tara & her blog all summer.  Between that and Pinterest, it is a miracle anything got done at my house alllll summer break! Check out her awesome blog!

Currently September..

After taking an unintentional blogging break... I hope to be back :)

I am planning on posting classroom pics in the near future... I redid my chair (that I never get to sit at).  Also planning on posting about switching classes for the first time (140 students is tough!) and some other things.  I have missed being online and reading blogs.  Hope everyone is having a great start to their school year.  We are three weeks in and I am just starting to find my stride.