Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Where I have been & an apology!


The school system I work for has been hacked... it is kind of a scary thing.  We don't really know how much info they had access to, or where it will end up.   All I know is that I am on the "list" of people they have distributed.   I have been living the past few days "off of the grid" as they say!

  I am working on a TON of things (including a reading freebie for everyone and some new things for my TPT store!).  I am also wrapping up the third and final painting installment.
Here is a preview of my freebie:  

I also have had several in-services and was able to spend several days learning more about my state teacher association.  Are you a member of the teacher "union" in your area???  I am going to the national conference in DC in just a few weeks!!! Super excited!!!

I felt horrible not posting for a few days, and plan to get caught up tonight and tomorrow :)  Want to participate in all the great linky parties going on!


  1. I heard about the hack from a few other bloggers. I'm so sorry to hear that! That is horrible. I hope everything works out okay!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. Oh no! That's awful that you were hacked. I hope everything turns out okay.

    Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans

  3. We are in the same school system! I was on "the list", too. Grrrr.
    I've found about four other CMCSS bloggers this week. Isn't that exciting! What school are you at?
    Thanks for following, I'm following your blog as well. 160 followers- Yay! Send some my way to check out my giveaway :)

    How Cute Is This

  4. Ah I was on "the list" as well. Insanity. I'm glad I took precautions a few years ago. Still, I was making quite a few phone calls Just In Case.